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FRUITS - Mr. Gbenga Akerele et. Dr. Abiola Akingbemisilu [AUDIO]

FRUITS - Mr. Gbenga Akerele et. Dr. Abiola Akingbemisilu [AUDIO]

Dr. Abiola AKINGBEMISILU comes with a wonderful guest this week and the line of discussion is based on  very common substances we see around us, we titled it: The Mystery of Fruits

This week's edition of Mind Tonic is carefully put together to reorientate the minds of our dear esteem listeners about previously misconceived issues about fruits basically.

The best time to take fruits, kinds of fruits and their nutritional values are also discussed with much clarity.

Click the "download icon" below to meet our guest and Download the Audio, you can't afford to miss it because it is too insightful.

I love to sincerely appreciate all our esteem listeners for staying tune and listening to us every week on the program MIND TONIC, we promise to continually bring much more inspired topics to your listening pleasure such that we all become a better citizens of our beloved nation.
- Francis ADEAPIN
- Victor IWALUWA
- Damilola

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Posted by Francis Adebayo Adeapin, Published at Wednesday, July 01, 2020 and have 0 comments

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