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Compromise | Abiola Akingbemisilu Ph.D

Compromise | Abiola Akingbemisilu Ph.D

COMOROMISE is a Cankerworm in our Flesh - Abiola Akingbemisilu Ph.D

Compromise is a comitter to something derogatory. Comprise is usually displayed by People in Authority or Someone is is custodian of Law and Order. When every leader comes in office one of the thing they do is to swear to discharge their responsibility without FEAR OR FAVOUR. Whenever Fear or favour is affecting decisions that is COMPROMISE.

Every one of us at one time or the other have compromise standards but then it is expedient to for us to desist from such acts. Our nation (Nigeria) is where it is today because our leader have one time or the other compromised standards.
Compromise have a longtime effect. | Fear and Favour are the things that makes people Compromise standard be wise.

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Posted by Francis Adebayo Adeapin, Published at Monday, June 17, 2019 and have 0 comments

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