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The power of knowledge

The power of knowledge

…But the people who know their God shall be strong, and
carry out great exploits
(Daniel 11:32b).
It is a common saying that knowledge is power. It is also
said that knowledge is light. These two statements can
stand the test of time as great axioms, because when
one is knowledgeable he is empowered as well as
enlightened. In this discourse, I would like to draw your
attention to the power of knowledge as we glean from
the lives of two Bible characters, namely, Isaac and

However, before we do that, let us give a
consideration to the declaration of Prophet Daniel in
Daniel 11:32b where he states that “the people who
know their God shall be strong, and carry out great
exploits.” This was in the context of threat and likely
attack from the enemies. Yet, Daniel affirms that those
who KNOW their God will still be strong and carry out
great exploits. This greatly underscores the power of
knowledge. There are seven truths we can draw from the
lives of Isaac and Paul about the power of knowledge.

Isaac was the Covenant-child of Abraham, the father of
faith. In addition to the fact that he inherited his father’s
wealth, Isaac also experienced great success in life.
Surely, one of the virtues that empowered and eventually
helped Isaac to experience success in life was
Knowledge. From the account we have in Genesis 26, we
see that Isaac demonstrated great KNOWLEDGE of his
situation and was then able to take right steps.

Similarly, knowledge also played an important role in the
life of Apostle Paul who, at the initial stage of his life
was antagonistic of the Gospel. In his testimony, as
recorded in Philippians 3, his attacks against the church
was as a result of his ignorance or better put, his
possession of evil knowledge. However, when he came
to KNOW the Lord and possessed the right knowledge,
everything changed for good. From Isaac and Paul’s
experiences, we see the power of knowledge
manifesting in the following ways:

● Knowledge Helps Us to Maintain Pace – Genesis
26:17, 22a. The truth of life is that we are on a
pilgrimage, led by our Heavenly Father. We must
maintain pace with God. We cannot afford to lag behind.
We can only do this when we know when to move on, so
as to get to the destination God plans for us. Knowledge
helped Isaac to move and not get involved
unnecessarily. To really maintain pace and get along
with the Lord, we must follow His lead (cf. Psalm 32:8).

● Knowledge Helps Us to Save Time – Genesis 26:18-21.
Isaac knew when to move. He refused to be slowed
down by any controversy of any kind. Almost on daily
basis we go through places like Esek (Quarrel) as well as
Sitnah (Dispute) and unfortunately we waste precious
time. It is not an issue that we pass through Esek and
Sitnah. The issue is how long we stay there. The tragedy
is that when we waste time, by implication we waste life.
We need to redeem time (cf. Ephesians 5:16).

● Knowledge Helps Us to Access Opportunities –
Genesis 26:22. Through his sound knowledge, Isaac was
able to recognise and also gain opportunities. When he
got to his Rehoboth (Spaciousness), he saw clearly that
it was different from Esek and Sitnah. He knew it was his
destination. He knew it was time to settle down and
experience success.

● Knowledge Helps Us To Develop Right Behaviour –
Philippians 3:1-5. Before coming to the saving
knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Paul
could not behave in a way that respect others. He was
proud and he looked down on others. He saw himself as
better than others. But this changed later when he came
to know the Lord. Eliab, David’s brother and the other
sons of prophets (cf. 1 Samuel 17:28; 2 Kings 2:1ff)
further show to us that our behaviour can only be right
when our knowledge is right.

● Knowledge Helps Us to Take Right Action –
Philippians 3:6. Again, Paul was so weak that he could
not take the right action. He spent all his energy
persecuting the Church. This changed only when he
came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Rahab’s
action in hiding the spies and King David’s offerings to
God testified to the fact that actions are usually
influenced by knowledge (cf. Joshua 2:9; 1 Chronicles

● Knowledge Helps Us To Foster Good Relationship –
Philippians 3:6-7. Paul was totally unable to relate well
with the people of God until he came to know the Lord.
This truth is well illustrated by the Samaritan Woman
who grew in her knowledge of Jesus Christ and moved
from addressing Him, “a Jew” to “Sir” then to “Prophet”
and finally to “Messiah” (see John 4:7ff.)

● Knowledge Helps Us To Grow In Our Faith –
Philippians 3:8-11. Paul’s focus shifted to God from self
and all personal accomplishments following his
knowledge of Jesus Christ. Really, what we know about
God from the Scriptures will determine our expression of
faith in Him. This is well illustrated by the confessions of
Job and Solomon in Job 19:25-27 and Ecclesiastes
3:14, respectively.

Your knowledge determines your action. No one lives
beyond his/her knowledge. Apostle Paul fully realised
this, and expressed his desire to know Jesus Christ and
the power of His resurrection. His desire was granted
and his actions were directed aright. You can also have
a similar experience by seeking God through Jesus
Christ, and you would be blessed with godly knowledge.

Revd. Olusola Idowu, PhD
Church Pastor, The Ajayi Dahunsi Memorial Baptist
Church, Ilasamaja, Lagos
Living is Christ (Phil. 1:21)
+234 708 703 8441


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